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Training children in coding languages when their thinking abilities are expanding at a faster rate will help them to grasp better. These being the most vital years in a child's growth, the ability to learn and understand is higher. With the competitive world that we are living in, it has become more and more imperative for parents to continuously expand the skillset of their kid(s). And what better than to learn to code! Technology has been continuously evolving and will continue to advance. Inducing the ability to code at a young age is the most revolutionary thing to do. Why? it is always better to start today than to put it off to tomorrow. This will definitely groom kids early on and help them with understanding their area of intrest. Even if we consider a child displaying a lack of interest in software development, it most certainly makes it clear on the future line of education that does NOT have to be taken up

1. Home Automation using Blink App
2 Smart Irrigation system using IOT
3. SMS & Call Based Agriculture Motor Controlling
4. Electronic Home Security System
5. Street Light Monitoring and Control System
6. Heart rate measuring system using IR
7. GPS Based Car Tracking
8. LPG Leakage Alarm system using IOT
9. Bike lock Security with Biometric Authentication
10. Smart locker for Home using Biometric Authentication

Coding Improves Math & Logical Skill by 100%

Analytical thinking

Analysing different scenarios while developing games and apps

Design thinking

Imagining a virtual scenario and creating a digital equivalent

Computational thinking

Analysing complex problems and solutioning through coding

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