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Olympiad (mathametics/Science/English)

INTEGRATED course (school homework + Olympiad foundation)

Most preferred combo pack by students of 6-9th class of National and international boards, One stop solution for your kid who wants to enjoy school homework and get a hassle free personalized Olympiad foundation which helps in gaining deep understanding and strongest foundation.

Course involves:

1.Top notch facility with live one on one tutoring.

2.Unlimited practice sheets

3.Unlimited doubt solving

4.Weekly tests

5.Growth analysis

100% personalized

100% guaranteed growth

Olympiad pro-( mathametics/science/english)

Best suited pack for the Olypiad Genius of 6-9th classes of National and international boards.

Our provocative faculty make sure your kid will have deep knowledge in basics and strengthens them to the core.

1.Faster syllabus completion

2. Scheduled classes & competitive environment

3. 3x more practice sheets

4. 2x more doubts solving

5. 100% guaranteed growth

6. Weekly tests

7. Growth analysis

Batch availability:

3. One on one (highly customizable)

2. One teacher and three students

3. One teacher and 8 students

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