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Vedic Mathematics

Are you or your child struggling with Math? Would you like to have fun with Math? If yes then this course is for you!

Everything you wanted to know about High-Speed Vedic Mathematics and more.

This course contains over 20 hours of material on the World's Fastest Mental Arithmetic System and over a thousand solved examples and exercises. This will keep you occupied for over 60 topics and will add to your Math Skills and give you the competitive edge.

What you'll learn

1. By the end of each topic you will have a better understanding of the Mental Math Method being explained.
2. You will be able to calculate 10-15 times faster than before!
3. Develop your left and the right side of the brain by increasing the visualization and concentration abilities.
4. Have Fun with Math! Get rid of your Math Phobia
5. Become a Human Calculator yourself!

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