IGCSE Grade 9 & 10 Combined Check point Crash Course

Welcome to Our Intensive IGCSE Check point Crash Course!

Our IGCSE Grade 9 & 10 Combined Checkpoint Crash Course is designed to provide thorough preparation and boost your confidence. With comprehensive coverage of past papers, extensive practice questions, and expert instruction, we ensure you are well-prepared for your exams.

Who Should Enroll ?

  • Students who want to revise and practice the entire Grade 9 and Grade 10 syllabus
  • Those looking to learn from top-notch faculty and improve their maths skills

Course Features:

  • 10 Years Past Paper Discussion: Gain insights into exam patterns and frequently asked questions.
  • 1200+ Practice Questions: Enhance your problem-solving skills with a vast array of questions.
  • Experienced Faculty: Learn from faculty with over 14 years of experience.
  • 20+ Mock Tests: Test your knowledge and improve your exam technique with numerous mock tests.

Course Duration: 100 hours over 3 months.

    • Class Schedule: Every alternate day (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), 1.5 hours each session.
    • Weekend Sessions: Saturday and Sunday mornings, 3 hours each day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the IGCSE Grade 9 & 10 Combined Checkpoint Crash Course?

This course is an intensive program designed to prepare students for the IGCSE Checkpoint exams. It covers comprehensive discussions on past papers, offers a wide range of practice questions, and includes numerous mock tests to ensure students are well-prepared.

Who can enroll in this course?

The course is ideal for Grade 9 and Grade 10 students who are preparing for the IGCSE Checkpoint exams and want to strengthen their understanding and improve their performance.

How are the classes structured?
  • Weekday Classes: Held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for 1.5 hours each session.
  • Weekend Classes: Held on Saturday and Sunday mornings, 3 hours each day.
What is the purpose of the mock tests?

The 20+ mock tests are designed to simulate real exam conditions, helping students build confidence, improve time management, and identify areas that need further review.

How long does the course last?

The course duration is 100 hours, spread over 3 months.

How can I enroll in the course?

To enroll in the course, please visit our enrollment page or contact our admissions office at [contact information].

Is there any support available outside of class hours?

Yes, students can reach out to instructors for additional support and clarification on topics covered in class.